Performance Comparison Tool

Performance Comparison Tool

Quickly sort through standard SunGuard insulated glass unit makeups so you can compare products that match your glass performance and appearance needs.

Sort by the criteria at the top of the table in blue, such as Appearance or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, by clicking on the criteria, and the table will automatically re-sort all the data based on that criteria. Narrow your results by selecting the products you’d like to compare and then hit the Compare button. To start over, hit the Reset Results button below the results or just repeat steps 1 and 2.


Select performance attributes

Any Visible Light Transmission and Any Solar Heat Gain selections show all SunGuard product combinations. As you refine performance selections, the results will adjust automatically.


Select exterior appearance

Any Appearance shows all SunGuard product combinations below. As you refine appearance selections, the results will adjust automatically.

  • The performance values shown are nominal for the center of glass (no spacer or framing) and subject to variations due to manufacturing tolerances.
  • The performance data are based on a standard 1″ insulating glass unit with ¼″ (6mm) outboard lite, a ½″ air space and ¼″ (6mm) inboard lite.
  • SunGuard coatings are on the #2 surface of a standard insulating glass unit unless noted otherwise, e.g. (#3).
  • Relative Heat Gain, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and/or LSG may change slightly when using argon gas fill.
  • The outboard and / or inboard lite may require heat strengthening or tempering to resist potential thermal stresses. Please contact Guardian for assistance.
  • A slight shift in visible light reflectance or transmittance may be noticed after heat-treatment.
  • Guardian Glass reserves the right to change product performance characteristics without notice or obligation.